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Santa Doll, Vintage Santa Doll, Stuffed Santa, Crochet Santa

Santa Doll, Vintage Santa Doll, Stuffed Santa, Crochet Santa

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Santa Doll, Vintage Santa Doll, Stuffed Santa, Crochet Santa, Crochet Santa Claus, Father Christmas Doll, Stuffed Santa Claus, Holiday Decor

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Welcome to my shop. Here, in BegomvilCrafts, we proudly create 100% natural and healthy toys for your little ones to make them happier.

HO HO HO!!! The sound of jingle bells are coming from a distance. There is a rush in Santa's secret village at the North Pole. Santa has already finished with preparing gifts for your kids. Haven't we been waiting for this moment the whole year? It is already the festive season and you are about to decorate your Christmas tree. Our Amigurumi Santa Claus is cut out for a traditional Christmas decoration. You can add this Santa Doll to your Christmas decor to create an elegant and outstanding look. The crochet Santa doll will warmly greet your family members at a Christmas family gathering, reviving the old days' Christmases. You may consider the Santa Doll as a gift for your loved ones. Who doesn't want to receive such a lovely gift? Your kids will love to play with it after it serves as a decorative accessory during Christmas.

The Santa Claus is crocheted into detail by wonderful local artisans in great detail using different crocheting and amigurumi techniques, embroidery and sewing just for you.

The Santa Doll is made of certificated yarns, are 100% handmade and have heirloom value.

It is filled with premium non-allergenic and washable fiber fill that is totally healthy. Free of any harmful chemical substances it has a natural look and a soft touch.


Aproximately 14-15 inches (35-40 cm)


You can wash the item in the washing machine at 30 degrees without using bleach. Do not use drier and do not hang it to dry; instead, leave it on a flat surface till it is dry.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

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