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Amigurumi Reindeer, Crochet Reindeer, Flocked Deer

Amigurumi Reindeer, Crochet Reindeer, Flocked Deer

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Amigurumi Reindeer, Crochet Reindeer, Flocked Deer, Reindeer Decor, Christmas Reindeer, Christmas Decor, Holiday Decor, Flocked Reindeer

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Welcome to my shop. Here in BegomvilCrafts we proudly create natural and healthy toys for your kids to make them smile.

Meet our crochet reindeer Max. Max is ready for a wonderful Christmas. Max is definitely an heirloom. You can make Max the crochet reindeer the statement of your holiday decor. It would add much value to your Christmas decor: imagine Max being the center of your holiday mantel decor. It is so cute because we crocheted it with love. Anyone looking for a flocked deer for their farmhouse Christmas decor or a vintage Christmas decor, Max the crochet reindeer will perfectly do this job for you. Besides, your children would love to play games with it. It would also make the best Christmas gift for your loved ones at any age.

* It is approximately 11 inch (28 cm) tall from hooves to antlers.

* It is crocheted from certificated yarns and 100% handmade. It has a natural look and a soft touch.

* Each reindeer doll is unique as they are handmade and they have heirloom value.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

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